Web Design And Web Hosting

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When a visitor comes to your website he notices how things are organized – the menus, the color scheme, etc. Basically you have 10 seconds to impress a visitor and make him stay on your page. But there will not be a visitor who will stay on a page full of flashing banners or tons of ads. That’s why your website should have some important features, such as:

Easy to navigate. Just put yourself in the visitor’s shoes for a moment and start browsing your site. Is the navigation clear enough? How easy it is to find what you are looking for? Do you have an “About us” web page? If you want to turn your visitors into customers and generate some solid sales you should tell those people who you are and what you do. Do you have a contact page? Great, people will gain more trust in you if they are able to send a message or give you a call when they are really interested in your services! In other words – the navigation is an important part of the web design and should look really professional.

What is your website’s color scheme? Are you using too dark or too bright colors? Either way these colors won’t help you keep a visitor on your website. A well-designed page must have colors which are appealing and create friendly environment. With regard to font colors – they need to be less than 3 totals; otherwise the visitors can easily get annoyed.

How fast does your website load? Most users today have access to a fast-speed Internet connection, but if your site takes more than 20 seconds to load they will close your page immediately. If such problem occurs you should reduce the amount of images and other graphics you use. Another reason might be that your hosting provider is not good enough. If that is the case, you should switch to a more professional hosting instead.

Ensure you have no broken links. Everyone hates when they click on a link and instead of being sent to a page with valuable information, they get an “Error 404”. Try to avoid this; otherwise users may think that you are not taking your website seriously.

Include a site search. Designing a simple search field does a lot of work in easing your visitors’ experience during their stay or your web page.

These are very simple tips but they can have a huge effect on you visitors’ behavior and can help you gaining additional sales and leads. It is recommend that if possible you use Joomla or or WordPress as your website platform – both are well-known for their stability, flexibility and reliability. When configured properly and have a well-designed theme, they can give you a fully-functioning site which will give you the desired satisfaction.