The Benefits Of Having A Website For Small Business

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So why should you even worry about building a website for your business? Thats a good question and it definitely deserves a good answer.

One of my favorite reasons is that your website is open 24/7… and you don’t have to staff it! Once you set up your website you can leave it on autopilot as much as you want. You can still direct customers there, you can share information with them and you can answer questions without having to actually be present.

It does take some work to set up but you can more than make back that time in savings and increased engagement with your customers.

That last part leads me into another benefit, you can engage your customers in a whole new way because now, they don’t have to be in your store to interact. If you have a restaurant you can let visitors to your website vote on their favorite meal, or encourage visitors to sign up for an email list so you can send updates and coupons.

The possibilities are endless!

You can encourage users to share your website with their friends and you can provide support and service after a sale. You can reach more people with a lot less hassle and that, is a pretty awesome benefit.

When you can start to engage and interact with customers without being present, that’s when you can really start to grow your business!

“You don’t need a digital strategy, you need a business strategy for the digital age.” – Judy Goldberg

As I mentioned earlier you can interact with customers without having to be there, just wait until you can automate your leads as well. If you already have people visiting your website, you can use many different monetization methods to start making money through your website.

Even if you are a small breakfast restaurant you can still automate sales. Why not sell books with some of your favorite recipes? You could even sell a restaurant specialty, jam or cookies or whatever it is that makes your restaurant unique!

What if instead you clean houses, do landscaping or personal hair appointments? Let users book appointments online, select services and even pay in advance! You don’t have to chase down clients anymore, you can make it easy for them to come to you!

Last but definitely not least, the cost.

I plan on writing a post specifically about the cost of building a website, so I won’t go in to actual numbers here but the low cost of building a website is an incredible benefit! Once you set up your website, you can leave it alone and it will continue to work for you, 24/7.

Even if you spend $2,000 dollars creating a website (far above what it needs to cost), what other $2,000 investment gives your customers full time access to your business and automates your sales or lead process?

It takes a little work and money upfront to get your website going but it can easily become your most valuable asset if you develop it correctly.

So those are just a few of the benefits of having a website for small business. Do yourself a favor and don’t wait another day before getting started!