Difference between Great and Good Website

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The difference between greatness and goodness of a website is established on the basis of visitor point of view. Only website that meets all the expectations of the user efficiently is believed to the winner. Web space is highly competitive and staying at forefront is not an easy thing to do. One of the most preferred keywords is “web design”.  Given below are a few factors on which you can determine the success of a website.

Balance Perspectives

No matter what type of web designing it is, it is entitled to three forms of surveillance from user’s point of view.  No two individuals are same. In the same way, point of views of no two individuals is same. A website, thus, requires serving to the several perspectives and consequently is identified as great or good.

The primary three points of views that leave an impact on a website are mentioned below:

Only those websites that are able to create between these above slated three demands are considered as great. Given below are a few parameters that these three perspectives define.


A website is considered to be effective only if it meets the goal of target audience. Each element of the website should be in accordance with users needs and should determine its effectiveness. The resolution, the colour, the typography and scheme of the images that are used in website designing should be well-thought. However, it is important for you to know that the objectives vary according to the perspective of the user. There is very possibility that for a website designer, integration of CSS3 might lead to effectiveness but client might not prefer the same.


The success of a website, to a great extent, depends on how functional it is. This is one of the primary factors that distinguish a good website from the great. That is why balancing perspectives are important. It is not about testing the proficiency of the designer. It is entirely their responsibility to strike the right chord between the specifications given by the client and the present market needs. It is important that users find it easy to navigate website without any hassle. Only those website designers who are able to offer best of the both worlds can create great websites.


It is the right blend of all the elements paves way for a good website. However, a great website requires having certain additional elements that positions it differently. This, in turn, adds to its overall styling, thus improving its usability. Let your creative juices flow. The more you think out of the box, the better it will be.

It is important for website designers to understand that the difference a great and good website is not determined the font style and shades of colours being used. It goes beyond that. Our designers follow holistic approach so that you can get finest of the website designs.  Hence, if you are looking for web designing then let your search come to an end here.